Ancient Times

4 million years ago

Trona deposits are formed after the evaporation of great salt lakes in Wyoming USA, as well as in Kenya, Egypt, Venezuela and the deserts of central Asia. These massive deposits will eventually be mined in the production of baking soda.


Natron (a natural compound containing 17% sodium bicarbonate) is used by ancient Egyptians to dry and preserve meat, treat wounds, bleach clothing, soften water, remove oil and grease, clean teeth and freshen breath.



John Dwight and his brother-in-law, Dr. Austin Church develop Bicarbonate of Soda (Baking Soda) as a leavening agent for home-baked goods. John Dwight & Company is formed to manufacture and distribute the product.



Dr Church leaves John Dwight & Company to open his own Baking Soda company with his two sons, James Austin Church and Elihu Dwight Church.


Church & Company is formed to meet the growing demand for Baking Soda. The ARM & HAMMER™ trademark, symbolizing the strength of baking soda, shows the arm of Vulcan, the roman god of fire, bringing down his hammer on an anvil.



Church & Co. introduces sodium carbonate-based ARM & HAMMER™ Washing Soda, also known as Sal Soda, for heavier-duty cleaning chores.


John Dwight, looking for a memorable trademark for his packaging chooses Lady Maud, a prize winning Jersey Cow. The cow is a reference to traditional use of Baking Soda and sour milk in home baking. Consumers eventually begin to call it COW BRAND.



Product trading cards are a nationwide fad, and the first ARM & HAMMER™ series entitled “Beautiful Birds of America’, appears. In the next five decades, over 500 artworks on sets of 15, 30 or 60 cards are published.



After almost 30 years of friendly competition, the descendants of the founders of John Dwight & Company and Church & Co. join forces to form Church & Dwight Company Inc.



Almost a century ahead of it’s time, the company institutes the use of recycled paperboard to package household products.


The first full-page colour magazine ads promote the purity of ARM & HAMMER™ and COW BRAND Baking Soda for multiple kitchen and personal care issues.



New uses for Baking Soda were developed and tailored to changing post-war lifestyles. The multi-use Baking Soda wheel was created to familiarize consumers with the product’s versatility.


After marketing the same product under two brand names for over 60 years, the company consolidates ARM & HAMMER™ and COW BRAND under the ARM & HAMMER™ name.



Church & Dwight is the sole corporate sponsor of the first Earth day in April 1970.



For it’s 100th anniversary on July 4th, the Statue of Liberty’s inner copper walls are cleaned with sodium bicarbonate, which removes 99 years of coal tar without damage to the copper. More than 100 tons of sodium bicarbonate are used in the restoration.

Arm & Hammer Logo

Baking Soda is now found in nearly every kitchen in the USA, regarded as a necessity by millions of consumers.

Of course, Baking Soda is no longer confined to the kitchen. It is used throughout the house, in every phase of housekeeping and personal hygiene. ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda, which was first prepared in a New England village, now is used the world over.

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