When you have sensitive teeth it can be painful, especially when munching on cold food or drink. The pain can be anything from a mild twinge to a strong, sharp discomfort.

To ease the discomfort, try applying a pea sized amount of sensitive toothpaste to your toothbrush and evenly brush all the surfaces of your teeth.

Sensitive Products

Your gnashers naturally darken with age and suffer from staining caused by some foods and drinks such as coffee, curry and red wine.

BUT, fear not for there is a solution to make sure your teeth gleam and sparkle with whiteness. Click here to check out our super white enhancing toothpastes.

Whitening Products

Enamel is the hard stuff that protects your teeth. Over time this can get worn down which can lead to further problems. Dentin is what forms the bulk of your teeth and sits beneath the enamel. Dentin is naturally yellow in colour which can begin to show through as your enamel surface wears away. Fortunately, our range of exceptional enamel care toothpastes help to restore and strenghen enamel surface for better protection.

Enamel Care Products

While everyday wear and tear can lead to weaknesses in teeth, sugary foods and drinks combine with bacteria in the mouth to produce plaque acids that erode enamel and could lead to cavities. Show your teeth’s enemies what you’re made of by protecting your teeth with the power of baking soda which neutralises food acids.

Cavity Products

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